Well, what to say? New to the site (this time around, at least) but old to the game. Contrary to what this site’s definition of “straight” seems to be -honestly, some of you make me laugh- as the name suggests, I am 100% straight. So if you’re looking for a role-playing closet faggot to cater to your straight domination fantasy, don’t waste my time. I was born a natural alpha male and have a typical alpha male personality. I do things my way or not at all, I won’t be talked down to by anyone, and if I seem as though I think I’m better than you, it’s because I am. My dominance naturally extends to the bedroom, but unfortunately for you faggots your luck doesn’t extend that far.
Though I’m in this game primarily for the financial benefits, it does feel very right to me on a base level. There’s a very real satisfaction to be had from assuming my place in the natural hierarchy and exploiting those beneath me. Likewise there’s pleasure to be had in seeing a lower being put effort into pleasing its superior. Nothing gives me more pleasure than an obedient pig knowing its place and draining its account for me merely for the privilege of grabbing a real man’s attention. The thrill is not sexual, it’s primal. I say pig and not man because, for you submissive nancy boys reading this: make no mistake, you are not men. A man takes what he wants, a pig exists to feed real men with the fat from its back until it outlives its usefulness.
Looking for faggots who respect this natural hierarchy. Faggots who understand that their place is on their knees at the feet of a real man, putting their blood, sweat and tears into his pleasures, and their lives in his capable hands. Ideally, I like to devote my time to a select few and build real master/slave relationships that can be nurtured and capitalised on. I want your wallet, but your obedience and devotion are equally important. Short term works too, it’s always worth a laugh, but the more devoted a slave proves itself to be the more time and energy I will spend on it. Golden rule: don’t waste my time and I won’t waste yours.
Just a nod to the Masters on here. Don’t think I lump everyone into the category of, “role-playing closet faggot.” Many are, but there are some sound cats about that I have genuine respect for. Keep doing what you’re doing, lads. I’ll keep an ale cold for you in Valhalla.
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2 months ago

I love you.

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