25th August 2016: The Latest Chastity and Humiliation Update


Hi guys how are you all doing? It’s time for another update on my ongoing chastity and humiliation journey. Things are going great at the moment as I am extremely busy with work so not really having much time to get overly horny which is always good when you are locked in chastity. It helps focus your mind on other things. For those of you who have experienced chastity you will know how difficult it is to focus on anything but your locked cock. The constant straining of your cock in your chastity device and having to see it locked on you at all times makes it difficult to not focus on it.

Some people have been getting in touch via my twitter (@ownedbyMSB) and via my tumblr page http://sissyandreaownedbymastersirboss.tumblr.com/ to ask questions about what it is like to be in chastity. Main questions are about how to keep it all clean and do I get any orgasms. I am happy to answer any questions at any time so please do get submitting them to both the tumblr and on twitter. You can also leave general comments on them about my chastity and humiliation journey. Be as kind or as cruel as you like as it’s good to hear from you all. I like the humiliation of having to reply to them.

I am currently running a vote on my twitter for what should be my next public sissy walk video that I will be doing on Thursday 1st September. The options are:

  • Walk past a building site
  • Walk along Southport pier
  • Ride a train
You can vote on my twitter at: https://twitter.com/ownedbyMSB/status/767396321774931969 If I am being honest the worst one I can think of is the train one as it will mean having to turn up to a train station dressed in a sissy dress and diaper in front of all those people!
On this subject, there is still time to use my amazon wishlist to get me some outfits to wear for this task next week. My MASTER and I are specifically looking for people to buy high heels, wigs and more diapers for me to wear for these so please do visit the amazon wishlist and get buying so you can see me wearing them in the video next Thursday. The amazon wishlist is:
I have uploaded more of my humiliating videos to my pornhub channel this week and will be adding more in the coming weeks. Feel free to share them about. They can be found at:
My release date has taken another massive leap away from me and currently stands at 8th May 2026. This is getting massively closer to the cut off point that will see me having to watch my MASTER destroy the keys to the belt to make my chastity permanent grr…
To ensure I remain his bitch, MASTER has set some very harsh rules.
For every british pound he receives as an amazon gift card to his email stickyblues@hotmail.com a day is added to my chastity. If the remaining duration in chastity gets to 20 years remaining MASTER is making me watch him destroy the keys to make it permanent chastity. Are you really cruel enough to make me suffer this, the ultimate humiliation? My current release date is 8th May 2026
CURRENT RELEASE DATE: 8th May 2026MASTER is also looking for guys and gals who want to use this sissy’s amazon wishlist to send me sissy clothing for me to wear on my public sissy tasks. Be as cruel as you want. The wishlist is updated regularly and can be found at:
https://www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/3QDSSU5TFEKO2Follow me across social media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ownedbyMSB

Tumblr: http://sissyandreaownedbymastersirboss.tumblr.com/

Blogger: http://hotguysfromsissyandrea.blogspot.co.uk/

About my MASTER MasterSirBoss:


26 Year Old Straight Brtish Chav, here to abuse you pathetic pieces of shit slaves, footworshippers, toilets, atms, popperwhores, leatherworshippers, Chav worshippers ,  Trainer Worshippers hand over my money those gifts what I deserve it is rightfully your purpose to serve Master!

My Master on Skype: mastersirboss12

My Master on Twitter: @ MasterSirBoss1

My Master’s Wishlist: http://www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/HN1F8QUVWI29

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